When will my order arrive?

Your order will arrive 13 days to 4 weeks after you purchase the items (weekends and international or national holidays don’t count).

Can I cancel my order when the package is already on its way to me? 

Sorry, we cannot cancel your order when the package is already on its way to you.

Can STRATHON customize or personalize a notepad?

We currently do not customize or personalize notepad.

Does STRATHON product have good quality and value proposition?
Yes, we are. We aim to satisfy your expectations.

Where does STRATHON ship to?
We ship worldwide. So, go get yours now! 😉

What if I get a defective or damaged notepad?
You need to take a photo and video and send it to us, as evidence. Make sure, to take a clear photo and video of the defective or damaged items, please also include the shipping package. Then send those files to our email, at strathonworks@gmail.com

How much does the shipping cost?
The shipping cost is FREE. We do free shipping to all countries, except Chile (it will require you to pay an extra specific amount of money for the shipping cost; our customer service will inform you of the cost in less than a day after you make the payment).

Christian Hadi